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  • Big Chico Creek Ecological Preserve

Northern Saw-whet Owl Banding Field Trip

I would like to thank Dawn Garcia and her two trusty helpers for hosting 10 Central Valley Bird Club members at the Big Chico Creek Ecological Preserve last night. She explained her 7-year effort to capture and band Northern Saw-whet Owls during fall migration and demonstrated how they go about capturing these elusive little guys. Though we didn’t get a owl in the nets, we were able to hear a near-by N. Saw-whet Owl calling back to the taped call, as well as a calling Western Screech Owl. Dawn also gave us a wonderful overview of their biology and migration-what little of it is known. These are tough and fascinating little birds that are very hard to study-we all enjoyed an enlightening and enjoyable evening under the stars.

Dawn’s project is supported by Altacal Audubon Society. You can read about her exploits and adopt an owl in support of the project at: