Bobcat Ranch
  • Bobcat Ranch

CV Bird Club Field Trip to Bobcat Ranch

On Sunday morning, April 26, fourteen of us had a really nice hike at Audubon California’s Bobcat Ranch near Winters in Yolo County. I was curious if last summer’s fire was going to be evident, but it didn’t reach the portion of the 6,800-acre ranch we covered. It was a beautiful spring day with some lingering wildflowers, including yellow mariposa lilies, but with very little in the way of migrating birds (some members of the group saw a Vaux’s Swift and a Wilson’s Warbler). Among the hoped for residents, one of two Golden Eagles seen on the hike circled very low overhead. We also watched a Rock Wren carry insects to a nest site under a rock. Ash-throated Flycatchers, Lark Sparrows, and Bullock’s Orioles allowed for good looks, though the normally conspicuous Rufous-crowned Sparrows were only recorded as somewhat distant singers. A few people saw two flyby Band tailed Pigeons.

Chris Conard