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Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin

The quarterly Central Valley Bird Club Bulletin is the only journal dedicated to publishing original information on bird status, distribution, ecology, and conservation of the birds of the Central Valley. The Bulletin welcomes the contribution of articles, notes, and news of interest to birders, scientists, and conservationists.

Recent articles have addressed:

         Species status and conservation (Bank Swallows, Purple Martins, Loggerhead Shrikes),

         Species identification (Trumpeter Swans),

         Population trends from analyses of Christmas Bird Counts,

         Recent species expansions (Eurasian Collared Dove)

         Rare occurrences (Snowy Owl, Blue Jay),

         Population responses to habitat management programs,

         Site guides to key birding locations , and

         Natural history observations (Burrowing Owl, Northern Rough-winged Swallow).

All Bulletin articles as pdf files are available on the Bulletin Download Page

Each issue also contains a summary of highlights of seasonal observations and notes regarding field trips and other club news.

The Bulletin’s Editorial Board encourages members to submit articles for publication.  Board members are committed to assisting authors in putting their observations in a form suitable for the Bulletin.  Articles can be written in a variety of forms.  Refer to previous issues for examples of formats we use.  Please feel free to contact the editors or editorial board chair for further information.

Dan Airola, Editor, email:

Dan Brown, Photo Editor, email:

Frances Oliver, Managing Editor (layout)

Bulletin Editorial Board

Dan Airola (Chair)
John Sterling
Bruce Deuel
Jon Dunn
John Trochet
Ed Pandolfino
Tim Manolis
Dave Shuford
Dan Kopp



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